Luxurious bridle leather is attractive ♡ handmade leather short Wallet

Using the British bridle turned into beautiful glossy enough to wear

We introduce short wallet.
The popularity of the PR-HR01-Z in the bridle!
UK bridle is, according to the British climate has become a born leather.
The leather was born in the UK in mid-14th century, as for harness horsemen and noble, manufacturing method from a high degree of durability and robustness has been requested has been established.
Tanning leather in the tanning tannins, that impregnated with wax all the steps by artisans of the hand from the leather surface, tightening the fibers of the leather, and then processed into excellent material in a sturdy and durable.
The feature of this leather is a white powder which is referred to as a “bloom” of the impression that blow out from the inside of the leather.
Leather-covered in “Bloom” is, has become a feature of having a unique atmosphere.
Bloom also has the effect of playing the water and dirt, familiar to every go embezzle, it will change to a beautiful luster.
Bride leather was born in the UK, the UK still is the main producing area, the historic one of the few tanneries (TOMAS WARE & SUN, Inc.), we use the Yusho a bridle that has been finished.
Inner same specification ♪ the black pilot River / PAILOT RIVER short wallet PR-HR01-Z through the core of the saddle leather
Is the short wallet there is a reputation for ease of use.
Your wallet, card pocket, respectively, and the coin is made is easy to use.
Coin comes with the original fastener knob.
Here also, using a saddle leather!
Since open your wallet even bigger, says that easy to be taken out.
Bill, of course, also put the receipts
Making it easier to find.
Wallet, as a point of the face portion, popular
REDMOON adopted Native American concho Z coin ♡
It matches closely to the luxurious atmosphere of the bridle ♪
Strike a adult atmosphere, bridle leather short wallet.
Admission of celebration, of course, the gift of employment Celebration,
It has become a gem of perfect reward to myself.
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