── heated cigarette “iQOS (ICOS),” but seems to be strong, whether this upsurge had expected from the beginning of sale?

Significantly higher than our assumption, it has become the number of sales of two to three times scheduled. The customer we’re sorry, but it is the state that much of the increased demand, and again and again postponed the sale nationwide.
Because ICOS do not use fire as in a conventional cigarette to be heated in an electric, it does not smoke and strong smell. Since there is no annoying to others, making it easier Sucking even in the car, even in the house. Article Source: Diamond Online

Although very popular iQOS leather case also in our company, or would’m just selling too phenomenon?
Is a distributor Philip Morris also had better not assume, whether they come from and where is popular?

Where to go and seems also state that is out of stock, but in the convenience store Hitosutiku is seen, but there is also a place where there is no, the body not meet you all. . .

In such a, REDMOON since been released leather case also from the (Red Moon) / PAILOT RIVER (pilot River), I think I also have you already have, but I would like take a look.
From the previous, but leather case for the tobacco had been sold, there also I’m very popular, it might be the same in iQOS leather case.
3 is sold in kind to the classified style, through a belt or the like, is the spec that are common to the three types of that tightly fixed.
Leather saddle leather natural, black, three colors of Brown.
Of course, you can enjoy aging, by where I am the maintenance, to it is possible for you to use for many years, so we also will receive repair, please do not worry.

If you look for non-smokers, among many people that you say that the smoke is that it is absolutely disgusting, iQOS if OK! It seems to be coming out of those who are said to be.
However, there is a state in which people of iQOS users also smoked in the smoking area at the fact that if not followed the manners.

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REDMOON EPS1 Bland Movie
REDMOON EPS1 Bland Movie

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