What is REDMOON original leather?

I imported the raw rind from North America to Japan and tanned it with original recipe at Himeji city, Okayama Prefecture.

Because it is tanning by air drying many times, if the weather is bad day continues, we can not make leather.

The finished leather also has parts that can not be used.
I make leather with a lot of work, but since there is always a part that can not be used, it is a serious risk.

But our philosophy and beliefs will not shake.

We strive for the highest quality leather every day.

And with the best design to our customers, using the best leather, products.

If finished leather also seems to use only the best part, the cost will rise as well.
So, we spare no effort to make it available at low price by using leather to the limit.

Because it is natural leather, there are various scratches, but as evidence of living, such a scratched part is also used as a design.

I think that the finished product will be finished in a more realistic product by doing so.



It is a mirror representing the lifestyle of the user, it becomes the only one of myself only
Saddle leather is a material tanned using steahide (bull’s leather) with vegetable tanning agent.

Since saddle leather requires several months of process to build up, it can not be mass produced and can be said to be a precious leather.

REDMOON is the most popular material, and many people may know that.

The natural color is also famous for its aging color change over time.

Red moon brand Saddle leather is particularly popular among leather products. Originally “leather saddle” type does not exist.

Because the founder Keiichiro Goto named “leather used for horse saddle” as “saddle leather”. Leather such as “Saddle leather” is important material as much.

There are various attractions of saddle leather. It is robust at the beginning, but it changes to a supple texture with supple for every use.

Not only that, but also the color changes.

The change also varies depending on how you use the user, but when you use it for a long time it changes to deep candy.

In addition, wallet polished by wearing and friction releases a distinctive luster.

In terms of how to use the user, the wallet that has been used for many years is a mirror that represents the lifestyle of the user, and it is that it becomes the one and only one of yourself. (Left Bottom: 5 Years Used Right Top 3 Months Used)