OIL Leather Navy

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Oil leather navy mini wallet (left) PR-KUJIRA-LC2 and (right) PR-HR01ZB-NCC, but neither has a coin purse, it becomes a card, wallet type model.

Please accommodate the coin separately in jeans pocket and coin purse.

At the time PR-KUJIRA-LC2 was a product of New York ‘s shop, which is requested to be a card case type and also entered with bills, said that the brand owner Keiichiro Goto made on the spot, at that time there were 3 types Although this model which was good for first use was still left even though it was.

How to use, by all means here, Simple Wallet (RMTP Blog)

I think that this feeling is best if narrowed down to the limit, there may be similar products in other companies, but I searched overseas for leather goods that can be used with similar feeling, but still I Is not …

I use it as the main wallet, but I can use it without any trouble, I really like my wallet.

The PR-HR01ZB-NCC used the standard HR coin case part as it was, but as it is, with this it is arranged that a curve is attached to the entrance and the outside is made a little longer so that the card will not fall off Was added.

Recently it is like using these two types.

Both are original oil leather navy, but since we are using PR-HR01ZB-NCC on the right side, there is also gloss and a feeling of use has appeared.

Since PR-KUJIRA-LC2 on the right is a brand – new one, it changes over time like PR-HR01ZB-NCC on the right side while using it.

As a maintenance method, I sometimes wipe it off, but it is also good to periodically put in the needle foot oil.