REDMOON Japan Leather Brand

I think that it is REDMOON which is famous for the Japanese motorcycle loudspeaker laser light.
However, in 2011 we started a new brand called the PAILOT RIVER, which is a brand name.

This was done in order to obtain the highest quality that could be done with REDMOON if the quality of the product was to be improved even if the number of hands increased or the price became slightly higher Brands.

If you think about it well, you will not be able to raise the price because of corporate efforts.


If you are traveling to Japan, come to the store.

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General customers can also purchase them by dialing.

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The operating company of this site is NEOLATINE Co.
As a distributor of REDMOON / PAILOT RIVER products, we are exporting our products from Japan to overseas, so if you would like to contact us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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