Firm structure of the all-leather! A4 size a breeze that can store briefcase ♡

Handmade all-leather!
Since ashamed wherever you take them because the case classy recommended for those of the new society ♡
Size (Width) 375 × H (Height) 275 × D (Depth) 25mm and going on because the A4 size document, file, this, etc. also can be stored!
It is a briefcase that will firmly protect such important documents.
Case full open ♪ with zipper
The original zipper knob, are made of the same leather as the body
Luxury is up!
Large zipper knob is, I is easy to use even for easy open ♪
Not only the files and documents, even the tablet can be stored ◎
Leather pocket on the left and right and open the inner will appear ♡
Since the open wide, you can also organized.
Also it has become a big success pocket as a partition.
No need as much as possible repair there is no case of deterioration because it is made of all-leather.
Since I enjoy using enjoy the aging of the leather
Even many years for us both become Ayumeru partner briefcase I ♡
For us to change in color with a taste of leather as you use it.
In particular saddle leather natural is, so it transformed into a glossy amber
♪ No doubt that is fun to carry around every day
Towards the spring, those who want to had made a new briefcase!
Who suffer or should I able to have the kind of bag in the new society!
Of course, it also becomes a recommended briefcase as a gift ♡
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