REDMOON is a leather fashion brand with a basic concept based on the “BASIC EVOLUTION” created by Founder, Keiichiro Goto in 1993.

It is also a pioneer who pioneered the wallet that was only a supporting role of fashion to the world with the name of “Leather Wallet” and pushed it up to the leading position.

Many of the leather goods products of this REDMOON brand product are handmade by the craftsman, and its representative work “HR-01” establishes a stationary position as a vertex of the leather wallet from its foundation to the present I will.

Leather products, leading craftsmen group


“REDMOON” started by Mr. Keiichiro Goto

This brand that has a great influence not only in the leather craft world but also in the fashion world began in 1993.

The brand owner recognizes that it has become a REDMOON brand production studio that has many skilled leather builders.

Leather brand “REDMOON” which became one of the most domestic in Japan now.
The leather products are made with skill of skilled craftsmen.

Craftsmen are making leather products after being recognized by brand owner Keiichiro Goto.

In addition, the only “domestic builder group” that made the movement of the “BASIC EVOLUTION” theory into a movement by “products creation” which can make “products” by unique manufacturing method and production system, and “Human growth” craftsman (Shoku-Nin) “created “is.

Cut out the oldest, attractive and difficult materials “leather” in this world with exclusive leather cuts, engrave and set up with a foot-type vintage sewing machine 40 years ago and sew it.

There is a rule as a “professional builder” that the craftsmanship is responsible for completing the entire process of work as an iron rule.

It is different from ordinary factories and we do not do any flow work etc.

One craftworker consistently takes responsibility from the cutting of leather to sewing, finishing, and then packing. It appears to the goods virtually.

Also, it is not just a workshop. Craftsmen do even product design.

If the factory making ordinary bags and wallets has a designer, the designer and the craftsmaker who makes it are different.
However, the craftsmen themselves familiar with leather design themselves. This is also the attraction of REDMOON brand leather products.

Here we are honestly facing the leather with its own system and the enthusiasm for craftsman that we have built so far, using hands, eye-warming and conveying from people to people with warm handmade.

Technology oral tradition inherited


There is no manual in production related to production in the production studio.

I do not have a curriculum.

The technique is basically to steal from the teacher, and technology has been transmitted from the teacher to the disciple by the oral succession.

This is based on Mr. Keiichiro Goto experience of the brand owner.

Goto said at the time 20-year-old, when I visited the Western District of Arizona went to the United States, had met people of Native American that the leather work.

Because not comfortably tell me is technology the production landscape interested in foreigners, but there is no opponent to know begging and you tell me the technology Goto, who had been in them of one person views in one day, and refused frankly I will excuse you.

Still I could not give it up, I came everyday, I burned that technique in my own eyes and steal · I got myself.

After that, we improved technologies and sublimated them to technology.

This still remains as a source, we do not have manuals and curriculums to learn from this.

This seemingly inefficient seemingly “inheritance”, which is also indispensable for maintaining high technology, this is also supporting the high technology of the manufacturing studio now.

Technical cutting

The secret of quality ,,,

It is hidden in cutting and sewing.
That it is manual work, that’s it.
But in that manual work, further “secrets” are hidden, imagine “leather cutting” “pedal style sewing machine”, old belt, the cutting surface starts to bulge from there.
But REDMOON’s leather goods do not have it.
Because it is not cutter but cut leather with “crushing” tool called leather cutting, the meaning of this collapse prevents “peeling”.
This tool is a tool called “leather cutting”, it becomes a tool which requires skill to be hard to cut straight if it is an ordinary person.
Even more difficult work such as cutting curves.
However, craftsmen with high technology perform this work brilliantly and are building up products.

Technical sewing


We use all pedal style sewing machines in the production studio, there are even vintage sewing machines 40 years ago if it is old.

This is because the craftsman feels the “strength difference” for each part of the leather with the body.

Ignoring the “strength difference” and forcibly sewing with high torque will cause the leather to rip, because it does not do excessive sewing like that, it is necessary minimum according to the “feature” that the leather has It is necessary to sew with limited torque.

Well for a vintage taste, there are apparel makers using old sewing machines for the purpose of directing, but although REDMOON is different, it is used to keep the quality of leather at the maximum in order to cherish leather is.

Also, do not use glue when sewing leather goods.

In other words, it does not stick together completely.

With this, leather and leather can move freely to some extent, if stress is applied from the outside, if it sticks perfectly, that part will tear, but in the case of REDMOON leather products the yarn It is enough to cut it, by doing this repair it is making a product that can endure use for many years.

In addition, some products are sewn in “hand stitches”, hand sewing refers to the technique of sewing with hands and threads using hands as its name suggests.

Leather is different from cloth, needle does not pass because it is a solid material.

For that reason, we use special tools before sewing, sewing after leaving a hole in the leather, which makes time and effort.

It is not that sewing by sewing machines and hand sewing are superior either. According to the characteristics of the product, we sewn products by the best sewing method.

Technical finishing


Finishing is a very troublesome work, what kind of work is to cut leather and leather and polish the stitched side with special tool and glue, this is persistent work, all aspects It takes time and effort to polish.

* There are products that do not dare to do this work depending on the characteristics of the product.

Normally, I think that a leather craftsman would imagine older people, but all the artisans of REDMOON are generally young, the current age group is about 20 to 35 years old.

Why? Well, unlike the brands in the streets, every member is a craftworker and a designer, which also realizes the fusion of things with conflicting factors of function and appearance.

Young leather builders with creative sensibility are also devoting day by day at the production studio today.

Technical repair


Product repair is a work requiring highly advanced skills rather than product production.

That is because it is a work that can not be done without exceptional skill and perseverance that uses, disassembles deformed and worn items carefully, and threads through the same needle hole as before.

It is not unusual for repair work to take more time and effort than to make one product from scratch.

If you make and sell “Fake” full of streets, it is over because the technology is not expensive and the cost is huge.

However, I will not do it, REDMOON leather goods are being repaired by a skilled craftsman.

Keiichiro Goto


Keiichiro Goto

As a founder of REDMOON founded in 1993, it is a designer and a craftworker who also manufactures themselves.
An exquisite design line born from free hand and dynamic cutting make the person who is watching see.
This time we will introduce our own name “Keiichiro Goto” which is a private brand.

-Please Note
REDMOON designer Keiichiro Goto Because of the nature of art, detail specifications and designs, how to fasten buckles and engraving etc are produced by “sensibility” of Keiichiro Goto.

It will be “one point thing”
Please enjoy only one in the world.

KG-VB Hand cut Belt
Online Store

The reservation was sold out


This process which cuts the belt by hand cut, leather knife only It is this process which is the origin of red moon and can not be distracted by anything, It can go when this design decides with this cutout.


In order to change the position to cut out by size, measure the exact length and carefully cut out.


Cutting out of the tip of the belt, which is said to be the tip, is done especially carefully.


Scrape the edges of the belt, essential to this step is also to be long-lasting


Pass the entire belt through water, then shape it by polishing


From the measurement, cut-out, drop edge, tighten with water, but we will at once the process is progressing,
not change in any way does not come out of the care process.


I also use CMC on the back of the belt and polished it neatly.


Open the hole to attach the buckle and the hole through which the buckle pin passes with a punch


We will go through the original buckle, the specifications and parts may differ at Keiichiro Goto.


Using leather lace, tighten up after buckle installation


For the finished belt body, use a baking pen or a leutor, insert the signature of Keiichiro Goto and letters of REDMOON


After completion, it is still wet with water, so dry it for a day.

Designer and Founder
Kwiichiro Goto

KG-VB Hand cut Belt
Online Store

Travel Wallet

When visiting countries and traveling or business, the most troublesome thing is management of passports, bank notes in various countries and necessary documents, right?

We picked up a convenient wallet in such a case.

It is important to put it all together in a bag and it is also important to put it in your pocket and lose it. . .

Of course, it is best to have your luggage securely with yourself, so be careful!


I think that this wallet is the best and best wallet if you think about putting it all together.

It closes with the zipper and it is okay to think that I put too much contents, turning the zipper with gurus will usually close. (Lol)

The contents can be seen in the image below, but it can be stored quite finely, and the multilateral movement is also a matter of what!



I think that you can put together cards that you do not use, so if you put them in the usual places that you can use easily, I think you can get used as usual.
To be able to deal with passports and flight tickets well enough that one can deal with this is that you can go anywhere anytime you have it.
Even when going out with a pat, there is nothing to forget, and being able to use with the same feeling as usual is a plus in both travel and business!
We have 4 colors available in all colors, you can choose your favorite color.
The specifications are the same, but there are three types with different on the outside, please see the details from the following banner by all means!

Simple, easy to use, functional Japanese leather wallet


If leather wallets are large, they can be stuffed in just as stuffed.
However, in order to live a simple life, leather wallets with Japanese Zen heart are recommended, simple, functional, useable.

I think the wallet we make is a leather wallet that you can experience minimalism exactly.

It is simple, minimum, smart and functional, and can be used for a long time and can be repaired.

Craftsmen are finishing in Japan with responsibility from beginning to end.


I would like you to use it for those who are looking for a leather wallet of particular attention.



Since we are making our brand assuming use of people all over the world, we think that you will surely like it.

REDMOON Leather Products online store page

PAILOT RIVER Leather Products online store page

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone 5/5s/se or 6/6 plus or iPhone 7/7plus

If you are using an iPhone or not, assuming that the screen cracks or the main unit is hurt, assuming that it will be hit by unlucky, you will want to put it in the case as well.

Although various cases are issued, I think that there are many people who say that, after all, they did not understand, after all, they remained as it was.

In such a case, for the time being, put it in your wallet and put it in your pocket.

However, since it is not easy to do so, it is necessary to have RFID, credit cards, cash cards in one place, put bills, hold iPhones with them, eventually be able to store everything I will do.

Although there are things called iPhones and wallets, there are circumstances where there is no going out or putting out a wallet, so I think that the case of the notebook type is the best at such time.

In other words, it looks like a Wallet iPhone case.

I think that recommendation is this type, but how is it?

apple iPhone 7 Plus

With this type,

apple iPhone 7 Plus _a

It is still safe to have a case fixing the hard type iPhone.

And, with various pockets that allow you to subdivide various kinds of cards, with pockets that can store bills and tickets, you can tighten them with buttons firmly.

I think that this feeling is ideal.

Of course, you can take pictures of nice scenery, delicious meal on the go with the iPhone as it is

apple iPhone 7 Plus _b

It is the best that the camera can be used as it is so that it can be taken even in a state attached to the case.

And if the leather you are using is also handmade by the original craftmen of REDMOON one by one, you can also repair when aged or broken, so you can use for a long time ,,, the lowest But I will use it for contract for 2 years, so it is best to last a long time!

There are three colors of leather color: Natural (Saddle Leather) and Black (Saddle Leather Black) Dark Brown (Saddle Leather Brown).

IPhone 5 / 5s / se

IPhone 6 / 6S / 7 /

And, iPhone 6Plus / 7Plus

There are various designs for each model.


What is REDMOON original leather?

I imported the raw rind from North America to Japan and tanned it with original recipe at Himeji city, Okayama Prefecture.

Because it is tanning by air drying many times, if the weather is bad day continues, we can not make leather.

The finished leather also has parts that can not be used.
I make leather with a lot of work, but since there is always a part that can not be used, it is a serious risk.

But our philosophy and beliefs will not shake.

We strive for the highest quality leather every day.

And with the best design to our customers, using the best leather, products.

If finished leather also seems to use only the best part, the cost will rise as well.
So, we spare no effort to make it available at low price by using leather to the limit.

Because it is natural leather, there are various scratches, but as evidence of living, such a scratched part is also used as a design.

I think that the finished product will be finished in a more realistic product by doing so.



It is a mirror representing the lifestyle of the user, it becomes the only one of myself only
Saddle leather is a material tanned using steahide (bull’s leather) with vegetable tanning agent.

Since saddle leather requires several months of process to build up, it can not be mass produced and can be said to be a precious leather.

REDMOON is the most popular material, and many people may know that.

The natural color is also famous for its aging color change over time.

Red moon brand Saddle leather is particularly popular among leather products. Originally “leather saddle” type does not exist.

Because the founder Keiichiro Goto named “leather used for horse saddle” as “saddle leather”. Leather such as “Saddle leather” is important material as much.

There are various attractions of saddle leather. It is robust at the beginning, but it changes to a supple texture with supple for every use.

Not only that, but also the color changes.

The change also varies depending on how you use the user, but when you use it for a long time it changes to deep candy.

In addition, wallet polished by wearing and friction releases a distinctive luster.

In terms of how to use the user, the wallet that has been used for many years is a mirror that represents the lifestyle of the user, and it is that it becomes the one and only one of yourself. (Left Bottom: 5 Years Used Right Top 3 Months Used)


REDMOON Directly Managed Store Notice

A distributor of REDMOON / PAILOT RIVER, a brand producing Japanese leather goods, opened a directly managed store in 23-3 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

A professional staff is a trustworthy shop, kindly explaining in a polite way.

People thinking of purchasing ordinary customers, shops, those who wish to make products with REDMOON, how about trying to talk at a store once?


REDMOON Trading Post




Neolatine Co.
Online store https://neolatine.jp/?sl=en

REDMOON Japan Leather Brand

I think that it is REDMOON which is famous for the Japanese motorcycle loudspeaker laser light.
However, in 2011 we started a new brand called the PAILOT RIVER, which is a brand name.

This was done in order to obtain the highest quality that could be done with REDMOON if the quality of the product was to be improved even if the number of hands increased or the price became slightly higher Brands.

If you think about it well, you will not be able to raise the price because of corporate efforts.


If you are traveling to Japan, come to the store.

REDMOON Trading Post


General customers can also purchase them by dialing.

Neolatine Web Store


The operating company of this site is NEOLATINE Co.
As a distributor of REDMOON / PAILOT RIVER products, we are exporting our products from Japan to overseas, so if you would like to contact us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please propose to the customer the highest quality goods in the store.
Neolatine Co.


OIL Leather Navy

redmoon_pailot river

Oil leather navy mini wallet (left) PR-KUJIRA-LC2 and (right) PR-HR01ZB-NCC, but neither has a coin purse, it becomes a card, wallet type model.

Please accommodate the coin separately in jeans pocket and coin purse.

At the time PR-KUJIRA-LC2 was a product of New York ‘s shop, which is requested to be a card case type and also entered with bills, said that the brand owner Keiichiro Goto made on the spot, at that time there were 3 types Although this model which was good for first use was still left even though it was.

How to use, by all means here, Simple Wallet (RMTP Blog)

I think that this feeling is best if narrowed down to the limit, there may be similar products in other companies, but I searched overseas for leather goods that can be used with similar feeling, but still I Is not …

I use it as the main wallet, but I can use it without any trouble, I really like my wallet.

The PR-HR01ZB-NCC used the standard HR coin case part as it was, but as it is, with this it is arranged that a curve is attached to the entrance and the outside is made a little longer so that the card will not fall off Was added.

Recently it is like using these two types.

Both are original oil leather navy, but since we are using PR-HR01ZB-NCC on the right side, there is also gloss and a feeling of use has appeared.

Since PR-KUJIRA-LC2 on the right is a brand – new one, it changes over time like PR-HR01ZB-NCC on the right side while using it.

As a maintenance method, I sometimes wipe it off, but it is also good to periodically put in the needle foot oil.

Firm structure of the all-leather! A4 size a breeze that can store briefcase ♡

Handmade all-leather!
Since ashamed wherever you take them because the case classy recommended for those of the new society ♡
Size (Width) 375 × H (Height) 275 × D (Depth) 25mm and going on because the A4 size document, file, this, etc. also can be stored!
It is a briefcase that will firmly protect such important documents.
Case full open ♪ with zipper
The original zipper knob, are made of the same leather as the body
Luxury is up!
Large zipper knob is, I is easy to use even for easy open ♪
Not only the files and documents, even the tablet can be stored ◎
Leather pocket on the left and right and open the inner will appear ♡
Since the open wide, you can also organized.
Also it has become a big success pocket as a partition.
No need as much as possible repair there is no case of deterioration because it is made of all-leather.
Since I enjoy using enjoy the aging of the leather
Even many years for us both become Ayumeru partner briefcase I ♡
For us to change in color with a taste of leather as you use it.
In particular saddle leather natural is, so it transformed into a glossy amber
♪ No doubt that is fun to carry around every day
Towards the spring, those who want to had made a new briefcase!
Who suffer or should I able to have the kind of bag in the new society!
Of course, it also becomes a recommended briefcase as a gift ♡
Come more information, please visit our website.
REDMOON EPS1 Bland Movie
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